Congressman Clyburn Remembers Shirley Chisholm

Jan 3, 2005

(Washington, DC) - House Democratic Caucus Vice Chair James E. Clyburn (SC-6) issued the following statement on the passing of former Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm.

            "The passing of Shirley Chisholm marks the end of an extraordinary era.  As the first African American woman to serve in Congress and the first person of color to seriously run for President of the United States, Shirley Chisholm broke barriers and set standards. 

            "I knew Shirley well before I would follow her into Congress.  As President of the South Carolina Young Democrats, I brought her to South Carolinain 1972 shortly before she launched her historic run for President.  I worked in her Convention Whip operation and proudly voted for her nomination at the convention.  I never thought she could win but I could not ignore the historic implications of the moment.  Shirley Chisholm held a place of honor in most African American homes and hearts.  She represented the realization of a dream, and the hope for a better tomorrow. Her book, "Unbought and Unbossed" helped mold my political persona and approach to governance.

            As the highest ranking African American serving in Congress today, I hope my service meets the tremendous standard Shirley Chisholm set.  She was a trailblazer and triumphant spirit.  Her legacy burns bright and her example will always be remembered."


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