Clyburn Re-elected Assistant Democratic Leader

Nov 29, 2012 Issues: Congressional Issues

Congressman James E. Clyburn released the following statement after the House Democratic Caucus elected him by acclamation to another term as Assistant Democratic Leader:

“I am tremendously grateful for the unanimous support the Democratic Caucus has accorded me to continue serving in the number three slot in the Democratic Leadership.  And I am honored to accept a second term as Assistant Democratic Leader.

“Our Leadership team reflects the diversity of our caucus which ensures that our collective decisions reflect the views of a broad array of the American people.  We will focus on those among us who are looking for someone to champion their cause, and will work to help fulfill the dreams and aspirations of those who are struggling and striving to get into the middle class. 

“We face tremendous challenges as a Congress and as a nation.  And I am confident that this solid Leadership team will step up to the task and produce effective results for the American people.  I look forward to getting to work to do just that.”