Clyburn Statement on Jobs Report

Feb 3, 2012 Issues: Congressional Issues, Economy and Jobs

WASHINGTON, DC—Assistant Democratic Leader James E. Clyburn today released the following statement on the Department of Labor report on job creation:

“The surge of 243,000 jobs created in the month of January is great news and marks the 23rd straight month of private sector job growth.  I am particularly encouraged that the unemployment rate among African Americans has finally begun to decline, and though it is still far too high, it is currently at its lowest rate in nearly three years.

“These numbers demonstrate that the President’s policies are beginning to bear fruit, and I commend the President’s announcement today of initiatives I suggested to put our returning veterans back to work.  Specifically, the Veterans Job Corps conservation initiative will put up to 20,000 veterans to work preserving and restoring America’s land and resources, with a particular focus on post-9/11 veterans.  I am also pleased the President plans to prioritize hiring post-9/11 veterans for the COPS and SAFER first responder efforts to secure our communities.

“Congress must step up to the plate and do our part to grow the economy and create jobs.  We should start with the President’s Jobs Bill, a common sense plan to invest in our future.  Although the unemployment rate is headed in the right direction, we have much work to do to build ladders of opportunity so that all Americans who are willing to work hard can live the American Dream.”