Congressman Clyburn Ranks as South Carolina's Most Powerful U.S. House Member

May 19, 2006

(Washington, DC)  -- Sixth District Congressman James E. Clyburn this week was ranked the 49th most powerful member of the 435 member U.S. House of Representatives by the government relations organization Knowlegis.  These first ever rankings were based on three factors: position, influence and legislation.  According to the Knowlegis report, Congressman Clyburn’s ranking was based on his membership on the Appropriations Committee, his success in passing one or more bills out of the House, and his position as Chair of the House Democratic Caucus.

“This ranking by an independent entity is an important recognition of my ability to effectively represent South Carolina and my constituents in Washington,” Congressman Clyburn said.  “It indicates that I am in a position to affect legislation and resources that are important to the Sixth Congressional District and all of South Carolina.”

Although South Carolina lost significant seniority and Congressional power when it lost the service of Strom Thurmond, Fritz Hollings, and Floyd Spence, this report indicates the Palmetto State still wields significant power.  The state’s ranking is 21st among all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and four territories.  That is much higher than one would expect given its size and its relative lack of seniority, and it greatly exceeds the ranking of neighboring states Georgia and North Carolina at 56th and 44th respectively. 

“With members of our delegation in strategic positions,” Congressman Clyburn continued, “we have been able to enhance South Carolina’s power on Capitol Hill.” 

In addition to Congressman Clyburn's 49th ranking, Senator Lindsey Graham ranks 26th among Senators and Fifth District Congressman John Spratt ranks 86th among House members.

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To view the Knowlegis report, follow this link