Congressman Clyburn Distributes 125 Computers to 6th District Facilities

May 7, 2004

(Columbia, SC) -- Sixth District Congressman James E. Clyburn today distributed 125 surplus federal computers to programs throughout the Sixth Congressional District. Each recipient picked up its computers at Hyatt Park in Columbia, SC. 

This computer distribution was made possible through collaboration between Congressman Clyburn and the Community Capacity Building Project.  This project started in 1999 when the Department of Energy joined forces with Howard University and the National Urban Internet to increase public participation in the government process through electronic access by developing a series of community technology centers around the country.  The initiative began as a way to for communities impacted by Department of Energy facilities to improve their ability to participate in the environmental decision being made that would directly impact them.  It has now expanded to include small towns, faith-based institutions and other community groups.  Other federal agencies participating in the Community Capacity Building Project include the General Services Administration and the United States Department of Agriculture. 

"This effort provides local residents the tools needed to be more involved with policy decisions that affect their communities," Congressman Clyburn said.  "I am pleased to help link communities in the Sixth Congressional District that can benefit from this technology with surplus federal computers made available by the outreach of the Community Capacity Building Project.   Rather than sitting idle in a warehouse, residents of the Sixth District will now put these computers to good use."

Each of the following organizations received five computers:



Bamberg County School District One (Bamberg, SC)



Jamestown, Savannah Creek, Shulerville Community Center (Shulerville, SC)



Ft. Motte Community Center (Ft. Motte, SC)



Florence Crittendon Home (Charleston, SC)

Parkers Ferry Community Center (Adams Run, SC)

YWCA of Charleston (Charleston, SC)



Boys and Girls Club of the Pee Dee (Florence, SC)

New Ebenezer After School Program  (Florence, SC)

Senior Citizens Center of Florence (Florence, SC)

Timmonsville Boys and Girls Club (Timmonsville, SC)



Odyssey Kids Club (Andrews, SC)



City of Marion Watsonia Recreation Center (Marion, SC)



Hampton Child Care Development Center  (Bowman, SC)



Greenview Park After School Program (City of Columbia Parks & Recreation Department)

Indian Waters Council Technology Project (Columbia, SC)

Martin Luther King, Jr. Park After School Program (City of Columbia Parks & Recreation Depart.)

Clara Mohammed School (Columbia, SC)

Ridgewood Foundation (Columbia, SC)

St. Anna's Park After School Program (City of Columbia Parks & Recreation Department)

Wiley Kennedy After School Program (Columbia, SC)



Boys and Girls Club of Sumter (Sumter, SC)



Community Organization Service Shalom, Inc. (Hemingway, SC)

Friendship Summer Enrichment Program (Nesmith,SC)

Hopewell After School Program (Salters, SC)

Williamsburg Boys and Girls Club (Hemingway, SC) 


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