Clyburn Statement On The President's Deficit Reduction Plan

Sep 19, 2011 Issues: Spending Cuts and Debt

WASHINGTON, DC—Assistant Democratic Leader James E. Clyburn, who serves on the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction, today released the following statement on President Barack Obama’s deficit reduction plan, which the President announced at the White House:

“The American people need jobs, and they are looking to their leaders to put politics aside and do the right thing for our country.  As I stated in my op-ed in the Washington Post earlier this month, any deficit reduction plan must contain real job creation, smart budget cuts and fair revenue measures.  I welcome the President’s proposal that he announced this morning at the White House.   I am confident that the Members of the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction will give the President’s plan very serious consideration as we work to produce a balanced, bipartisan compromise by the deadline established in the Budget Control Act.”