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Clyburn Statement on House Republicans' Vote to Protect the Wealthy and the Well Connected

January 09, 2023

Washington, D.C. – Today, Assistant Democratic Leader James E. Clyburn released this statement following the House vote on the misnamed Family and Small Business Taxpayer Protection Act:

“After delaying Congress’ ability to organize and begin to work on behalf of the American people, the first bill House Republicans brought to the floor is not about addressing the needs of hardworking Americans. Instead, they have chosen to pass legislation to increase deficits by more than $100 billion by making it easier for the ultra-rich and big corporations to cheat on their taxes.

“Democrats invested $80 billion in the IRS through the Inflation Reduction Act to ensure that the agency is able to help Americans pay the taxes they owe and that our tax laws are enforced fairly and equitably. Today, wealthy millionaires and billionaires are audited at significantly lower rates than those with lower incomes because the IRS simply does not have the resources to go after the biggest tax evaders. Data have shown that predominately African American and rural counties in the Deep South, like many of the communities I represent in South Carolina, have the highest audit rates. The funding included in the Inflation Reduction Act sought to right that wrong while improving service to those seeking to honestly pay what they owe.

“By voting to rescind the vast majority of this funding, Republicans have once again shown that they care more about tax cheats than law-abiding taxpayers, more about anti-government fear-mongering than fiscal responsibility, and more about politics than the needs of the American people.”