Clyburn Statement On 100 Days Of Republican Majority

Apr 14, 2011

WASHINGTON, DC—Assistant Democratic Leader James E. Clyburn today commented on the first 100 days of the House Republican Majority.

“Here we are, 100 days into the Republican majority and still we’ve seen no jobs bill. Last year, all we heard from them was ‘Where are the jobs? But now that they run the House it’s a different story.

“What we’ve seen is a Republican budget that ends Medicare, forcing seniors to pay nearly double their current health care costs, slashes nursing home aid and makes college less affordable. At the same time their budget protects tax subsidies for companies that ship jobs overseas, maintains tax giveaways to big oil companies and makes permanent tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans, to the tune of $1 trillion. Seniors would pay $6,000 more for their health care costs and millionaires would get $200,000 more in tax cuts. These are unfair and misplaced priorities.

“The country is on the right track growing slowly, with 13 consecutive months of private sector job creation. Republican policies would turn the economy in the wrong direction, hurt seniors, and burden working families. I don’t know that the American people can stomach another 100 days, let alone 265 days, please of misplaced Republican priorities.”