Clyburn Reacts to State of the Union

Jan 27, 2010 Issues: Congressional Issues

(Washington, DC) – Sixth District Congressman and House Majority Whip James E. Clyburn issued the following statement following President Obama’s first State of the Union speech. 

"President Obama struck the hopeful themes tonight that resonated in his campaign.  The American people want security restored.  Over the past decade, middle class families have seen their financial security eroded through job losses and declining wages, plummeting retirement accounts, and skyrocketing health care costs and declining home values and rising costs of  tuition.  They are demanding our help, and this Administration and Democratic Congress are answering their call.   Our unified goals are jobs, more jobs, and even more jobs.

"President Obama has laid out an agenda that will turn the despair of the first dismal decade of the 21st century into an era of restored prosperity for both the middle class and our country.  The Congress supports his vision to build wealth in the middle class, create new home-grown, American owned economies in our country, and rebuild relationships abroad.  We have taken bold steps and laid a foundation toward accomplishing these goals during 2009, and with this renewed commitment, I believe we will make greater strides toward realizing more stability and security in the near future."