Clyburn Announces Over $7 Million in Transportation/HUD Funding

Jun 14, 2006 Issues: Transportation

(Washington, DC) – Sixth District Congressman James E. Clyburn today announced the U.S. House of Representatives passed the fiscal year 2007 Transportation, Treasury, Housing & Urban Development, and Judiciary Appropriations bill that includes $7.25 million Congressman Clyburn secured for South Carolina projects.

“This far-reaching appropriations bill contains funding for projects that will enhance economic development opportunities, promote and preserve history, and enhance community development,” Congressman Clyburn said.  “I fully support these projects for which I secured funding at the request of the communities that need these federal investments.”

Project Appropriation Project Description

301/I-95 Interchange

$2.5 million

Initial funding to build a cloverleaf at the 301/I-95 interchange in Orangeburg County.  This project is needed for the development of the Carolinks inland port near the interchange.  This funding will enhance state and county funds already committed to this project.

Briggs-DeLaine-Pearson Connector

$1.5 million

Funding for the South Carolina Department of Transportation to construct roadways and a bridge joining state highways 33 and 120.

International African American Museum

$2 million

First federal allocation for the City of Charleston’s development of an International African American Museum.

City of Charleston

Spring /Fishburne Street Drainage Basin


Funding for the City of Charleston’s drainage project to eliminate flooding in the Spring/Fishburne Street area.

Choppee Resource Center


Funding for renovations of the Choppee Resource Center at the Five Rivers site.  This investment will allow Georgetown County to provide its rural citizens comprehensive health and wellness services.  

Richland County Recreation Commission


Funding for the construction and expansion of the canteen and the addition of a press box for the baseball facility at Meadowlake Park.

Williamsburg County Sheriff’s Department


Funding for the renovation of two buildings donated by the local school district that will house Sheriff’s department offices, the Department of Natural Resources, and Probation, Pardon and Parole. 

City of Walterboro


Additional federal funding for expansion of the Great Swamp Sanctuary in Walterboro.  This nature-based attraction combines recreation, tourism, education and preservation, and it will encourage economic growth in this economically depressed area.

Progressive Club of John’s Island


Funding for the restoration of the historic Progressives Club on John’s Island to be used as a multipurpose center. This community center will provide recreation and tutorial programs for local residents and serve as a place to showcase the rich Gullah culture of the area.

Brainerd Institute


Funding to restore the historic Brainerd Institute in Chester County that was a renowned school for African Americans from 1866-1939.  Once restored, it will be used as an educational and cultural center.

City of North Charleston


Funding to assist in the revitalization of North Charleston neighborhoods.  It will enable the City to provide community organizations assistance through capacity building efforts, community workshops and technical assistance. 


Congressman Clyburn is the only member of the South Carolina Congressional delegation that sits on the House Appropriation Committee.  This legislation must pass the Senate before it becomes law. 

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