Charleston Harbor Deepening Project Receives Final Approval from U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Sep 14, 2015

Columbia, S.C.  – Congressman James E. Clyburn joins in the announcement that the Army Corps of Engineers has signed the Chief of Engineers Report for the Post-45 Charleston Harbor Deepening Project and submitted it to Congress for authorization.

Congressman Clyburn released the following statement in response to this announcement:

"I am thrilled that the Army Corps of Engineers has issued its final Chief's Report. More than 187,000 jobs in South Carolina are tied to the Port, which has a $53 billion economic impact on the state each year.  I have worked with the Obama Administration to ensure that funds have been provided annually to carry out this review process.  Now that the project has its final approval, I look forward to working with my colleagues in Congress to provide the authorization and funding necessary to deepen the harbor to 52 feet.  This project will create good jobs and generate economic growth and opportunity throughout the state."