Funding Requests FY 2011

Issues: Congressional Issues, Financial Services

As a part of the new rules implemented by House Democrats to ensure transparency and accountability to the appropriations process , I am providing a list of funding requests submitted to my office for consideration for the 2011 Fiscal Year. These Congressionally Directed Spending projects are requests made of my office in response to needs in South Carolina. It is important to note that these are requests and they may or may not be included in the final appropriations legislation.


Requesting Entity
Program Description 
Amount Requested 
Allen University Center for Student Success program  $500,000
Audubon South Carolina Boardwalk Trail Replacement $1,212,320
Audubon South Carolina Learning Center Expansion Project $1,007,240
Auntie Karen Foundation Afterschool Arts Education Program $236,100
Auntie Karen Foundation Auntie Karen Hits the Road (TV) $213,200
Briggs De Laine Pearson Foundation Briggs De Laine Pearson Foundation Construction $950,000
Benedict College Establish a Gang and Youth Violence Center $1,500,000
Benedict College Active Duty Military Personnel Training and Ent. Program $2,000,000
Benedict College Establish a transportation center  $2,000,000
Benedict College Convert waste-to-energy  $3,000,000
Benedict College Physics Computer Center and Engineering Enhancement Project $5,000,000
Benedict College Library Resources Improvement $1,500,000
Carolina Empowerment Group HIV/AIDS Intervention Program  $150,000
Charleston County  Establish a Forensic DNA Lab $3,200,000
Charleston County Law Enforcement Law Enforcement Complex $12,529,000
Charleston County Sheriff Technology Upgrades  $1,000,000
Charleston County Sheriff Vehicle Technology Upgrade $4,200,000
Charleston Public Works  Charleston Public Water Wastewater Tunnel System Replacement $42,800,000
City of Charleston Boys & Girls Club Robert Gould Shaw Center $460,000
City of Charleston Spring & Fishburne Street Drainage Basin Improvements $4,000,000
City of Charleston Firefighter Behavioral Health Program $200,000
City of Charleston Cooper River Bridge Area Neighborhood Revitalization $1,000,000
City of Charleston Ashley River Bridge Bicycle & Pedestrian Retrofit $1,000,000
City of Columbia Establish a Columbia Police Dept. Forensic Lab $14,000,000
City of Columbia Emergency Operations Center  $442,000
City of Columbia North Main Street $14,600,000
City of Columbia Greene & Williams Streets $15,400,000
City of Columbia Harden Street $12,000,000
City of Columbia Children's Law Center at Whaley House $12,000,000
City of Florence Nursing Center $17,700,000
City of Myrtle Beach Stormwater Infrastructure Improvement $200,000
City of North Myrtle Beach Stormwater Infrastructure Improvement $200,000
City of Orangeburg Community Center $4,841,026
City of Sumter Police technology upgrades  $1,497,000
City of Sumter Manning Avenue Bridge & Corridor $690,000
City of Sumter US 76-378 Bypass (support) $7,000,000
City of Sumter Shot Pouch Creek Trail $750,000
City of Sumter North Sumter-Morris College Neighborhood Development $450,000
City of Walterboro The Great Swamp Sanctuary Discovery Center $2,500,000
Claflin University Cellulosic Biomass Research $500,000
Claflin University Construct Science and Technology Center $20,000,000
Claflin University Forensics Laboratory continuation  $1,720,000
Claflin University Biofuel Production Research  $8,700,000
Claflin University Detection and Remediation of Chemical Weapons $2,000,000
Claflin University Advanced UV Light Diode Development $5,000,000
Claflin University Foreign language Immersion house $285,160
Claflin University Establish a Prototype School $10,630,137
Claflin University Science and Mathematics on the Go $1,704,114
Claflin University Construct parking garage, retail, business School $16,500,000
Claflin University Construction of Wellness Center  $25,000,000
Claflin University Mixed Use Community Enhancement  $3,500,000
Claflin University  Emergency Management Staff Trainer (EMST) $2,950,000
Clarendon County Council On Aging Senior Center Construction  $150,000
Clemson University Establish a Veterinary Institute  $2,000,000
Clemson University Control Systems for Maritime Biofueling and Corrosion $3,500,000
Clemson University Warfighter Sustainment Naval Ship Hull Technology Research $3,500,000
Clemson University Next Generation Offshore Wind Turbine Research $2,000,000
Clemson University Hallways of Hope $500,000
Coastal Carolina University Archaeology & Outreach Center $5,000,000
College Summit College Enrollment Program $300,000
Columbia College Divergent Learning Program $650,000
Columbia College North Main Street Development Project $750,000
Columbia Urban League Parental Engagement Navagator Program $430,000
Congaree National Park Riverstone Acquisition $1,370,000
Corps of Engineers Lake Marion Water Project $5,500,000
County Council of Dorchester County Water Resources Development Act Project $13,165,000
County of Charleston Forensics Laboratory $1,602,000
County of Charleston Medical University of South Carolina Roadway Improvements $3,300,000
County of Charleston Johnnie Dodds Blvd Road Project $70,000,000
County of Charleston Bees Ferry Road Widening $28,000,000
County of Orangeburg I-95/US HWY 301 $25,000,000
Darkness to Light Continue and Expand Sexual Abuse Prevention Program  $400,000
DefenseCS, Inc. Antibaliistic Windshield Armor  $4,000,000
Diverse Manufacturing Supply Chain Alliance SC Diverse Supplier Development in Foreign Trade Zones $45,000
Diverse Manufacturing Supply Chain Alliance SC Diverse Supplier Development in Foreign Trade Zones $490,000
East Cooper Community Outreach Dental Clinic Expanded Services & Prosperity Initiative $943,380
Eaton Corporation Integrated Advanced Power System $2,000,000
Edventure Children's Museum Future Leaders Academy $240,00
Engenuity SC Green jobs initiative  $500,000
Engenuity SC  Fuel Cell Hybrid Diesel Engine Project $5,100,000
Export Consortium I-95 Corridor Project Phase II $298,000
Fatherhood & Families Engagement  Fatherhood & Families Engagement  $400,000
Florence Airport Airport Improvements $5,000,000
Florence-Darlington Technical College SiMT (Robotics Program) $4,000,000
Francis Marion University Educating Medical Professionals $750,00
Francis Marion University Early and Sustainable Success through Assessment and Collaboration $373,000
Francis Marion University Rogers' Library Improvements $290,000
HBCU Initiative National Nuclear Security Adminstration $10,000,000
Health Care Partners Renovation and Expansion CHC in Marion $2,000,000
Historic Columbia Foundation Modjeska Simpkins House $700,000
HopeHealth (Lake City, SC) Wellness Center (equipment) $400,000
Horry County South Carolina Southern Evacuation Lifeline $2,760,000
Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Alliance National Advanced Engine Technology (NAET) Center $20,000,000
J.U.M.P.S. At Risk Youth Program $500,000
Jamestown Savannah Creek Shulerville Comm Ctr TECHLAB $50,000
Lake City Community Hospial Women's Center $300,000
Lake City Community Hospital Facility Renovation $12,147,000
Lee  County I-20 Corridor Infrastructure (support) $2,000,000
Lee  County  Restoration/Renovations of Dennis School $2,775,000
Low Country Regional Airport (Walterboro) Airport Improvements $5,000,000
Lowcountry Estuarium Port Royal Sound Estuarine $100,000
Marco Rural Water System Lower Marion County Water Improvements (EPA) $6,500,000
Marion County Library Library Expansion $4,900,000
Medical University of SC Dental Readiness in South Carolina National Guard $1,500,000
Medical University of SC Diabetes Outreach Program $3,000,000
Midlands Tech Construction Science & Engineering facility  $22,000,000
Midlands Technical College Engineering Technology & Sciences wing $2,600,000
Milton S. Eisenhower Foundation Youth Safe Haven-Police Ministation @ Benedict $250,000
Morris  College Rural Energy Efficiency and Sustainability  $2,000,000
Morris  College STEM $1,200,000
Morris College Student Health Services Center Construction (con't)  $500,000
MUSC  Health Disparities Research $8,000,000
National Park Service Gullah/Geechee Corridor $1,000,000
Nature Conservancy for US Fish & Wildlife Svc Waccamaw national Wildlife Refuge $2,000,000
New Morning Foundation STD & Unplanned Pregnancy Prevention Program  $543,500
Orangeburg County Multifacited Training Program/Center for Global Markets $1,233,100
Orphan Aid Society Jenkins Master Plan $2,460,177
Palmetto Health Foundation Children's Hospital Expansion  $1,000,000
Palmetto Project One Laptop Per Child South Carolina (Palmetto Project) $4,825,823
Patriots Point Naval Ship Maintenance $20,000,000
Prometheus Foundation, Inc Medical Technology $5,000,000
Providence Hospital Cardiovascular OR $500,000
Richland County Scoutreach Gang Prevention $300,000
Richland County Lower Richland Community Sewer $19,076,266
SC Adjutant General's Office FEMA's Flood Map Modernization $5,000,000
SC African-American Heritage Commission Heritage Tourism $193,875
SC Afterschool Alliance Disconnected Youth Program $350,000
SC Center for Fathers & Families ATI  $300,000
SC Department of Juvenile Justice Construct new dormitory  $3,500,000
SC Dept. Of Education Establish Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Program  $1,000,000
SC Dept. of Natural Resources National Farm Bill Conservation Programs (programmatic support) $
SC Dept. of Natural Resources U.S. Marine Shrimp Farming $6,000,000
SC Dept. of Natural Resources NOAA Construction $5,000,000
SC Dept. of Natural Resources MARMAP $2,100,000
SC Dept. of Natural Resources RecFIN $500,000
SC Dept. of Natural Resources Migratory Habitats $350,000
SC Dept. of Natural Resources NERR $27,000,000
SC Dept. of Natural Resources SC Cooperative Research $400,000
SC Dept. of Natural Resources ACFCMA $10,000,000
SC Dept. of Natural Resources Water Monitoring Network $1,500,000
SC Dept. of Natural Resources Offshore Fisheries Enforcement  $500,000
SC Dept. of Natural Resources Control of Invasive Aquatic Plants $1,000,000
SC Dept. of Natural Resources Corp of Engineers PAS $2,500,000
SC Dept. of Natural Resources Corp of Engineers PAS $2,500,000
SC Dept. of Natural Resources U.S. Forest Service Long Cane Ranger District $7,500,000
SC Dept. of Natural Resources State Wildlife Grants $125,000,000
SC Dept. of Natural Resources National Fish Habitat Initiative $10,000,000
SC Dept. of Natural Resources Forestry Legacy $1,930,000
SC Dept. of Natural Resources SEAMAP $5,090,065
SC Dept. of Natural Resources SCECAP $300,000
SC Diversity Coalition Mid-Carolina Coalition for Health Careers $48,500
SC Diversity Coalition Lowcountry Coalition for Health Careers $91,500
SC Diversity Coalition Pee Dee Coalition for Health Careers $117,500
SC Forestry Commission 20/15 Project $10,000,000
SC HIV/AIDS Council HIV/AIDS Community Outreach Program and ADAP Assistance  $1,000,000
SC MEP Biomass Supply Chain Growth & Development $595,000
SC National Heritage Corridor Continued funding $1,000,000
SC Ports Authority Harbor Recon Study $2,500,000
SC Ports Authority Georgetown Harbor Dredging $16,000,000
SC Ports Authority Charleston Harbor Deepening $35,000,000
SC Ports Authority Channel Dredging $35,000,000
SC Ports Authority Cruise Terminal Expansion  $22,500,000
SC Small Business Chamber of Commerce Health Care Reform Information Outreach Center $800,000
SC World Trade Center Center for Global Markets  $2,387,600
Scientific Research Corporation Cyber Security Test Bed $9,800,000
Sensor Electronic Technology (Claflin U.)  Electronic Lighting for Horticulture Enhancement $3,000,000
Silver Crescent Foundation Discover Manufacturing $379,100
South Carolina State Ports Authority Point of Entry Security $5,000,000
South Carolina State University Science on a Sphere $200,000
Southern Institute CHIP $500,000
St. Pauls Fire District Station # 1 Renovation/Addition $5,200,000
State of South Carolina Military Dept. Aviation Combined Arms Tactical Trainer $4,000,000
State of South Carolina Military Dept. F-16CM Center Pedestal Display $5,280,000
State of South Carolina Military Dept. F-16CM  and AH-64D Digital  Communications Bridge $1,100,000
State of South Carolina Military Dept. Controlled Humidity Preservation $2,000,000
State of South Carolina Military Dept. Sumter Readiness Center Construction $5,000,000
State of South Carolina Military Dept. McEntire Joint Deployment Processing & Readiness Center-Phase I $7,900,000
State of South Carolina Military Dept. McCrady Training Complex (Fort Jackson) $17,200,000
State of South Carolina Military Dept. Greenville Aviation Training Site Land Acquisition $1,291,000
State of South Carolina Military Dept. Greenville Readiness Center Design $1,600,000
State of South Carolina Military Dept. Aiken Readiness Center Design $1,000,000
State of South Carolina Military Dept. Summerville Readiness Center Design $1,400,000
State of South Carolina Military Dept. Joint Operations Center Modernization $1,750,000
State of South Carolina Military Dept.-National Guard Vibration Management Enhancement Program $4,000,000
Taw Caw Missionary Baptist Church Community Outreach Center $200,000
Trident Technical College Aeronautical Training Program $2,000,000
The Citadel Jenkins Hall Renovation $10,000,000
The Owl's Nest  Recovery House Owl's Nest Renovation $527,156
The Renaissance Foundation Bethel Church Preservation  $1,874,553
The Renaissance Foundation Bethel Church Transformation $1,000,000
Torrey Pines Logic SPAWAR $5,000,000
Total Immersion Software Real World Simulation - project Seahawk (Naval Weapons Station) $1,500,000
Town of Hollywood Water & Sewer Expansion $5,000,000
Town of Hollywood LMI Housing Project $175,000
Town of Hollywood Library Complex $3,000,000
Town of Hollywood Manor Park Community Building $140,000
Town of Hollywood Business Center  $200,000
Town of Kingstree Kingstree Branch Flood Control Project (USACOE) $4,360,000
Town of Surfside Beach Stormwater Infrastructure Improvement $200,000
Trident Technical College Establish Nutrition Programs $487,000
Troop Support Coalition Fuel Oil Barge Conversion $4,200,000
University of South Carolina  Suicide Prevention Research Program  $2,500,000
University of South Carolina  Hydrogen Batteries for the Warfighter $1,500,000
University of South Carolina  Southeast Regional River Resource $1,000,000
University of South Carolina  Hydrogen Production from Nuclear Energy Systems $1,500,000
University of South Carolina  Moving Image Research Collections $15,000,000
University of South Carolina  Thomas Cooper Library Renovation $300,000
University of South Carolina  Innovista (Williams & Greene Street Bridge) $15,400,000
US Army Reserve Orangeburg Army Reserve Center $12,150,000
US Dept. of Agriculture 1890s Extensions (programmatic support) $50,000,000
US Dept. of Agriculture Evans-Allen Program (programmatic support) $55,000,000
United States General Services Administration Report Language (Lowering Resistance Tires) $
Voorhees College Eliminating Blindness (diabetes) $1,750,000
Voorhees College Chronic Disease Health Navigator $750,000
Williamsburg County Water/wastewater development and Expansion  $1,500,000
Williamsburg County Neighborhood Revitalization One Stop Shop  $1,500,000
Williamsburg County School District  Teen Life  At-Risk Youth Program  $300,000
Williamsburg County School District  Equipment for Technology Education/Career Center  $4,000,000
Wings for kids Closing the achievement gap in at-risk youth  $500,000
Winthrop University Center for Educator Recruitment, Retention and Advancement  $510,840
Wofford College Chemistry Lab $1,700,000
World Golf Foundation First Tee Life Skills Program  $3,350,000
Youth Advocate Programs, Inc. SC Intensive Supervision & Support Program (ISSP) $800,000
Youth Empowerment Services, Inc. Reach to Connect $125,550